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Visualise your portfolio,
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Our products and service range bridges the gap between what is technologically possible today and what will be possible in the future with immediate benefits.

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Plan4 Residential Model


Plan4 Sandbox

3D Visualisation, Property Condition, Life Cycle Management, Works Prices and Tracking

Direct IT Ltd

Hosting, Cloud Development

3D Visualisation

Property Scanning, hosting and BIM compliant Point Cloud

Plan4: Differentiators

Holistic view of Real Estate Portfolio. Dynamic Digital Boardroom & forecasts

3D Modelling, Stock Condition, Life Cycle Management and Project Delivery

From Benchmarks to Final Accounts


properties nd their known attributes

Plan4 stores all properties in a flexible strcucture that has upto 5 levels of detail.
Define your portfolio by area, location, geocode, type, works programme, workstream and tenure.
allocate works to approved contractors and sureyors.

Holistic view of the portfolio stock

Portfolio History

we capture any known data of previous surveys and works for your portfolio.

Last known Surveys,

Known Stock Condition

Last known works prices & dates,

Asset End of Life (EOL) 

Asset End of Warranty (EOW)

We use the data to build a budget forecast and dynamic survey schedule

Stock Condition

Holistic view of Stock Condition

Commercial Utilities
Kitchen & Bathrooms
Heating, Gas, Electricals
Insulation, Windows
Damp / Asbestos
Occupational therapy
CCTV , Doors
External Fabric, Structural
Flat and pitched roofs 
Masonary , Rain Water Goods
Stairs & Carpentary, Surface Finishes

Capture the the stock condition of all properties, plus physical dimensions, materials fitted, extraordinary events

Survey Schedules

Define surveys, survey types and categories.

Plan4 builds survey schedules from knonwn historical Stock Condition data or via user instructions
Use preferred surveyors
Each property is verfied and wotks scoped with a full works price being the end product.

"All works Prices are subject to variation control providng full control of budgets and performance."

Works Programmes

Define surveys, survey types and categories.

Electronic Bidding / Tendering

Plan4 can deploy a Schedule of Rates (SoR) from which a works price can be automatically built using pre-tendered prices and an approved survey schedule . Variations to the SoR are subject to a '4-eye' review and approval.


Define typical works, and accelrate survey scope.

Plan4 allows for the capture of 'typical' works on a survey type basis, thus optimising the survey process and time to completion

Digitial Boardroom

Your portfolio ... as you need to see it.

View decsion support criteria in graphical form, covering portfolio statistics, survey performance, works progress, schedules, performance against budget ...


real time reports

Produce reports of performance, valuations, finals accounts, works prices etc. anytime.
'WhatElse' analysis offers details of works to be done ... but not necessarlyu right now !