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Life Cycle

Your Property Porfolio ...
as you need to see it.


PLan4 is a Modular, Integrated

Property Portfolio
Digital Boardroom
Stock Condition


Works Tracker
Schedule of Rates

Price works from commercially Tendered rates. Control Variations in costs via 4-eye workflow processes. See all works that in progress and their status.


Compare quoted prices against scope of works
Assess performace against budgets, targets and timeframes.


Generate survey schedules from Stock Condition reports and `End-of-Life` or `End-of-Warrenty` analysis.

Valuations / Final Accounts

All your project costs at a glance.
assess future budget requirements for planned maintenance based on known works and historical costs.

  1. Survey Schedules - by Block, property, area. Approval via agreed forms (4A) and sign off approved works (4B ). All generated from event forecasts and End-of-Life dates.
  2. Field based Stock Condition Assessments - The condition of each property is recorded, including when the next survey is due, it's end of life and end of warranty where applicable of each asset. We capture the field reports from surveyors including Asbestos registers, RdSAP, EPC, HHSRS and Fire Risk Assessements.
  3. Field base Verification and Scope Surveys - For surveys of works to be underetaken, a field base verficiaiton and acope of works facility allows for the works to be captured, and submitted for review in real time.
  4. Project Proformas - Pre-defined proformas for typical works allow for fast scope of works. An on site editor allows for changes to be made where required.
  5. Schedule of Rates - All materials are based on tendered prices. No surprises. Additions to the scope is restricted to Star Rate / Variation requests which are subject to four-eye workflow. 
  6. Works Tracker - Capture works completed direct from the contractor, review, approve and process payment requests electronically.
  • Plan4: FORECASTS - using the known dates of each proerty. last survey, end of life of each asset, end of warrenty of each asset, a yearly forecast is derived and an automated survye schedle process forecasts costs and works load at the touch of a button.
  • Plan4: BUDGETS - Analyse performance of surveys, works and maintenance schedules agianst budgets. See where works are late, and where targets are being met or missed.
  • Plan4: PRICES - Keep control of costs by setting the materials and works process in the schedule of rates, and apprving tendered prices for use when scoping works. 
  • Plan4: DATA - the Plan4 DataWarehouse and Digitial Boardroom offers detial analysis of every aspect of the portfolio. 

Property Portfolio - Plan4: displays the entire knowledge base of each property at a glance, including tenant details, tenures, stock condition, scheduled surveys and works.
Tenants can report faults via Plan4 using the tenant portal.


Contractor Portal -  Each approved contractor can access their data in Plan4. review approved works, capture progress and request payaments.

Surveyor Portal - approved surveyors can access their work scheudle and priortiose works.
access the verificaiton and scope survey modules and submit surveysof ro review nd approval from the field.

Tenant Portal - Tenants can register and view details on their property. Report faults and see when works are scheduled or forecast.


Plan4 allows for your field base operatives to deliver data real time.
Surveyors, Contractors and even tenants can log on and see the data they need and contact you directly.

Analysis / Data Warehousing

Plan4 is a platform. Built around your data.
Hosting in the cloud and accessible whenever you need it.
Anlysis of your data can be tailored to your precise needs and delivered to your screen or excel or via the Plan4:API to your chosen source.

Document Handling

Plan4: can house all your physical documents and photographic records of your portfolio.

Snagging and development issues can be easily reported without timely site visits.


Plan4 is hosted in the cloud, and managed by the Plan4 admin team.
The user experience is delivered  via Web Browsers and is mobile friendly. 

Data is initially imported from the source, cleaned, enriched and stored centrally within Plan4.
Data can be retrieved or distributed via the Plan4: API and a number of Excel exports.


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